Club Élite Ramos&Brigitte provides coaches with a great reputation, both nationally and internationally.
Juan Antonio Ramos and Brigitte Yague aim to pass on the knowledge and experience gained during his career with an innovative concept, pioneer in Europe, offering training to different levels:

nav-right DEPORTE BASE

- The deporte base, children and adults, and even those who are new to this mode, with the aim of instilling the basics of Taekwondo. The opportunity to be part of a team-oriented learning and preparation for the top competition is provided. The club aims to be a leader in regional championships, national and international.


- Professional Athletes, national or international, offering the possibility of physical preparation and specific technique, either because of a major championship or simply to improve their performance.

- National Team, conducting education and training to increase their chances of success in Continental Championships, World and even Olympic.

- Federations or clubs, teaching seminars.