Anthony Obame:

Anthony Obame Mylann (born 10 September 1988 one Libreville, Gabon) is a taekwondo practitioner who represented Gabon at the Olympic Summer Games 2012.

Obame is currently led by former world champion Juan Antonio Ramos twice.

He won the silver medal in 80 + kg men's category at the Olympic Games 2012, becoming the first athlete to win a medal Gabon at the Olympics.

Obame defeated Kaino Thomsen and Bahri Tanrikulu en route to the gold medal, By God this before Charles de Molfetta Italy. Obame led in the match, but lost in the decision of the judges after the match ends in a draw. Obame said he was disappointed by what he calls a “youthful error”.

Obame was greeted by thousands of supporters upon his return to Libreville. Obame said he felt “immense pride and joy” for winning the country's first Olympic medal.

- Silver Championship Gabon
- Bronce challenge hopes World Cup francófona
- Bronce Cup Africa

- Oro Open of Spain
- Gold Cup Central Africa
- Silver African Games

- African Olympic Qualification Gold (Cairo, EGYPTO)
- Silver World University (KOREA)
- Silver London Olympics

- Oro US Open
- Bronze Open of Spain
- World Championship Gold (Puebla, MEXICO)
- Bronce Grand Prix Manchester

- Oro Open de Canada
- Plata US Open
- Plata Open de Holanda
- Oro Campeonato de África (Túnez)
- Oro Grand Prix China (Suzhou)


- Oro Open of Spain
- Bronce Campeonato del Mundo (Rusia)
- Silver African Games (Congo)

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Carolena Carstens :

Carolena Jean Carstens Salceda (nacida el 18 de enero de 1996 en Winfield, Illinois) es una practicante de taekwondo represeta a Panamá y que estuvo presente en los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres 2012.

Carolena está actualmente dirigid por el bicampeón del Juan Antonio Ramos.

Carolena empezó a competir en la categoría senior a la temprana edad de 14 años en la categoría de -46kg.

- Oro US Open (Junior)
- Oro US Open (Senior)

- Plata US Open
- Clasificada Pan-American Games
- 5 posicion Campeonateo del Mundo (KOREA)
- Plata Junior Pan-American Games

- Bronce US Open
- 7º lugar Juegos Olimpicos (LONDRES)

- Bronce Central American Games
- Oro Livingston E-score Open

- Plata Open de Canada
- Oro South American Games
- Clasificada Central American Caribbean Games
- Plata Open Costa Rica
- Oro Panamericano Aguascalientes (Mexico)

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